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Affordable Industrial Floor

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We drew on the experience of the large-scale and automatic production mode of PVC rolling flooring, Combine the properties of epoxy floor paint, fiberglass fabric and rolled floor perfectly. The color can be customized.

The product has lower comprehensive cost.
We are manufacturer of industrial coil floor, we expecting to become your long-term supplier in China.

Economical and Practical

The convenient installation method, low maintenance rate, and long service life of GEMP industrial flooring provide guarantee for the normal production of the enterprise and reduce the comprehensive use cost of the ground environment.

Epoxy floor coating,it looks like convenient for construction,and low purchase cost.But lt's difficult to maintain,because it's easy to frayed.So the service time in the industrial environment was very short, will need to be repaired or completely replaced from time to time.
From the perspective of long-term use, the enterprise will spend maintenance costs continuously.

Our GEMP coil flooring
Adopt unique molding technology, install once, use for a long time.
Lower overall costs.

Compare project

GEMP flooring

epoxy floor coating

PVC flooring

abrasive resistance (HG/T 3829)




pressure resistance (EN 433)




chemical attack resistance






Poor (fragile)


service life

10-15 years

1-5 years

8-10 years

Volatilization of harmful gas




Whether it affects factory production

Completely cooperate with the original operation

Need to stop production, break customer's original production plan




High frequency, high overall cost, inconvenience




01. What is the difference between GEMP and other floors in the market?

A: Our GEMP flooring has more wear-resistant, has more resistance to load,more corrosion proof, than PVC flooring.

At present, the industrial floor widely used in the market is mainly divided into two types: liquid epoxy resin coating material and PVC coil floor.

Both of the two types has advantages and disadvantages: ①The traditional liquid coating floor is high polymer,and has corrosion resistance.But it has poor bearing capacity, easy to bulge, easy to rupture, easy to wearing,the construction troublesome, and also,has pungent smell.②Although PVC coiled flooring is easy to install, but it's also can't carry object that too much heavy. GEMP flooring is combined the merit of both up 2 types.It is easy to rupture, and also it is is high polymer material.(Plastic floors represented by PVC floors is suitable for places with small load and small human flow,for example: Supermarket, School, Housing, Hospital, Office. But not suitable for workshop and factory these kind of place with large load and much more friction.

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