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NHS Trust Is Looking for a Supplier or Suppliers for New IT Hardware

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Core prompt: The University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust is looking for a supplier or suppliers for new IT hardware in an a

The University Hospitals of Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust is looking for a supplier or suppliers for new IT hardware in an agreement worth between 50m euros and 100m euros.

Acting as an agent for the Trust,group purchasing organisation HealthTrust Europe has issued a tender on The Official Journal of the European Union.

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The tender states that other public-sector bodies may make use of the framework,such as central government departments,NHS bodies,police forces,local authorities,educational establishments,registered charities and the Ministry of Defence.

The four-year contract,which is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement,is divided into six lots;tenders can be submitted for all lots.

Lot one is for the supply,support and delivery of desktops to include monitors with the additional option to purchase thin clients.Lot two is for the supply,maintenance and delivery of laptops.Lot three is for the supply,support and delivery of tablets and handheld mobile devices.

Lot four is for the supplier to provide,maintain and deliver enterprise and industry standard servers,and lot five is for the provision of industry standard storage solutions with associated management hardware and software.

Lot six,which is headlined"peripherals",is to include"cabling,memory sticks,data tapes,ribbons,accessories,audio-visual equipment and other associated consumables".

One of the many requirements for the supplier is for its average turnover in the past three years to be three times greater than the average annual estimated contract value.This could amount to the average turnover having to be 75m euros for all of the lots.

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